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Small Boats

A selection of small boats. Essential for toing and froing, exercise or adventure. Challenging to design good ones as the smaller they get, the more specialized the become.

Bill Garden Launch

Cold molded plug for 22'-6" yacht tender designed by legendary Bill Garden. He was a gene... (View Boat)

9ft Pram

Once again glued lapstrake plywood. This boat was designed and built for a customer who wa... (View Boat)

Black Skiff

She is a strong lightweight rowing skiff loosely based on a 'Ness Yole', which has strong ... (View Boat)


This canoe was discovered under a cabin at Yellow Point Lodge in Ladysmith, B.C. It had be... (View Boat)

Gokstad Skiff

Very similar in construction to the black skiff, this model is totally symmetrical and can... (View Boat)

Double Paddle Canoe

Info to come... (View Boat)