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Design 21 foot Cat Yawl Design # 102
Designer Francis Herreshoff
L.O.A. 20' 11"
Beam 7' 6"
Draft 3'
Displ. 3,600 lbs.
Year Built 1974

Descant is a delightful weekend cruiser, ideal for searching out small tidal poolswhere no one else can go. Designed as a "cat yawl" at the same time and of the same philosophy as the famous "Rozinante" which was a "canoe yawl". She has some trademark Herreschoff features, a very fine hollow bow cut away fore foot and a very pretty transom. She received the 25 year refit, new keel bolts, wedge seaming of hull, new cockpit, canvas decks, toe rail and deck hardware.

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