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One of the essential qualities that makes wooden boats so appealing is the "belts and braces" engineering that has gone into them. From a time that pre-dates modern glues, designers and builders relied on expert craftsmanship and appropriate woods to weave togeither strong and seaworthy vessels. It is this sense of craft, which is at the heart of a good wooden boat and which is important to understand and replicate. As the years go by, one inappropriate repair can be added to the next and soon the original quality and texture of the boat can be lost. So it is essential that these lovely old boats which are becoming historical artifacts be preserved in appropriate and sensitive ways.


Designed to be a family pleasure yacht for sailing within the rugged waters around Britain... (View Boat)


New teak decks, stern post, cast new lead ballast keel, re-built pilot house.... (View Boat)


Starwagon was designed to compete in the various races taking place in Bermuda and on Lon... (View Boat)


Starfire was built in 1963 at the very end of wooden carvel planked tradition. Her constru... (View Boat)


Descant is a delightful weekend cruiser, ideal for searching out small tidal poolswhere no... (View Boat)


Built in 1939 by Johnson and Jago, Gamester sat out the war in a mud flat. Built extremely... (View Boat)


Moonbeam is a Narwhal Design; she has a very handsome canoe sterned hull. She came to the ... (View Boat)

Native Girl

Native Girl is a unique boat here on the west coast of British Columbia. Built by Allan an... (View Boat)


The sloop Cinnabar is an example of a late cruising design of the Boston designer, John G.... (View Boat)


Cava has come to the shop on two occasions. The first fir new stem, horn timber and deck, ... (View Boat)

Dame Patie

The Dame Pattie was a successful challenger for the 1967 Americas Cup, lost against the Am... (View Boat)

Saskia II

Saskia II was built for Sir A.S.Young to race on the Clyde, in a very active fleet of six ... (View Boat)


Info to come... (View Boat)


Info to come... (View Boat)